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Trusting the people around you ?

Trusting the people around you ?

An interesting story I have been reading is how truly safe can a workplace become... and is Trust an overlooked quality.

It's not sweat or sales that make businesses tick; it's trust.

Trust affects every business area- you trust your network is robust, reliable, security is trustworthy.... it's a commodity that we haven't measured in people other than spending time working alongside them. I often find trust-building with people to be a series of microtransactions, whether it be a small task that requires them to take responsibility and succeed. Even in failure, a degree of trust can be built. I have learned, some would say, the hard way.

A trust-centric workplace doesn't have to mean everyone socializing and being great friends (That would be a bonus). My take would be - First, every team member does their utmost to drive forward the company's interests; second, everyone assumes this fact with everyone else on the team unless they see the contrary.

People being the most crucial assets in the workplace. So trusting them with the right tools, working conditions, and safeguards is the same across every industry.

How do you gauge trust ?-


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