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  • Marc Clapasson

Is it important to be the most unique or first in the market?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

A colleague was asked on LinkedIn the USP's of our product. USP's are great to differentiate your product in marketing campaigns and provide buzzwords. However, our mission at Adamant Lane AG is definitely not to re-invent trade finance. It is to modernize and make more efficient the process end to end. Is our product one of a kind... no. There are competitors in this space, making us work hard to get to No.1 in the market. One of our core uniqueness is our experience in the market, knowing where friction points and risk can be potentially damaging.

Today's technology approach is generally done in silos and hasn't cohesively linked trade finance 'end-to-end'. This then perpetuates fragmentation, and our mission is to provide a solution that layers over the many elements of trade finance. To give a straightforward end-to-end trade finance program with efficiency, better risk assessment, seamless integration with legacy systems, reporting, roll-outs of trade finance programs that can be done at pace yet remain safe. And on the funders side, the ability to have real-time reporting and risk control.

The battle to be first end-to-end is not essential, but the fight to be the best is.


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