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  • Mark Ragan

Faced with a no-win situation.

With what’s going on around the world, many leaders political and business are facing no-win situations. So I find it very interesting how others approach these situations.

How they respond shows their true character & tests their ingenuity and resilience. It shows what those in charge are really made from. Are you going to run for the hills, or do they roll their sleeves up and show grit.

These no-wins are part of being in the position of a leader, and you will no doubt make decisions running a company or even a country that negatively affects some people. However, clear communication is probably the most crucial aspect.

Consideration and exploring avenues to get out of these problems obviously must come first. But we too often see that the most damage caused is by the uncertainty of those affected by poor communication.

It makes you think that these countries and corporations with all the resources they have still get one of the most basic skills wrong.

Your thoughts?


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