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  • Marc Clapasson

Decision making....It should be getting easier.

We see headlines on companies, and key people within organisations fall by the sword because they decide to make a call that ultimately goes wrong. Making those decisions and what eventually led to them making a bad decision was the toolset & data presented to them. We presume that these people or corporations want to, let's say, 'make the correct decision.' so why in an era with so much data and historical data are these decisions going wrong.

I believe the fragmentation of data sets from multiple vendors and suppliers is reported at different times, and the real-time situation is never really understood. In this era, with the abundance of technology, we have to look at the tools we are using. Yes, I am biased as Adamant Lane AG, one of my companies, has developed an end-to-end trade finance platform. But understanding why a lot of old practices are still used to power this industry confuses me. The resistance to applying a fitting tech solution will ultimately lead to unfortunate decisions still being made.

Your thoughts ?


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