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  • Marc Clapasson

Tech for Growth?

We are approaching a period of unprecedented growth after many countries are getting to grips with C-19. We see green shoots across Europe. It is exciting and expected to drive pressure on supply chains as demand ramps up across all industries. Social distancing in some countries is being relaxed, helping the hospitality industry especially.

We all saw what happened to demand when 'working from home' became compulsory and many products we tried to buy became 'sold-out'.

While we could never predict the scale of whats happened over the past two years, we can better prepare ourselves and our supply chains.

Successful supply chains are well connected to customers, uses internal and external information to flow that through end to end, so it can be very proactive in managing that to meet that customer needs.

The future supply chain needs to be able to deliver all the competencies and capabilities themselves. It needs to tap into an ecosystem of cloud providers & different technologies, understanding the ebb & flow, providing real-time data & oversight. Predicting financial and logistical bottlenecks helping partners feel like one virtual organization with shared info, shared process, shared decision support; those are the companies that will win.

Tech has never been more critical.

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